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Here at Lavender Bean we take our coffee seriously.  So serious in fact we created a business out of that love.

So when we saw the Breville Barista Touch it was love at first cappuccino.  Getting the hang of making your own favorite coffee drink instead of some strange, is kind of interesting and fun.  You can literally experiment until you get it just the way you like it.

Want to try Almond milk or toffee syrup but hesitate on trying something new?  All it takes is 3 minutes and your imagination.

Having used this Espresso maker for over a year now, it can be said a lot of coffee has been made and consumed here at the Lavender Bean office.  Some trail and error has happened with different types of coffee beans and flavored syrups but over all it has been a great experience.

So here is what has been learned along the way-

  • Flavored coffee bean do not work well, of course it is up to person taste but a lot of beans have been tasted in the making of this bullet point.
  • 150 degrees F is a great place to start on milk temperature 
  • About 2 pumps of flavored syrup is a good medium sweet and can be adjusted easily
  • Warming your cup with hot water keeps your coffee warmer longer
  • Fat free milk makes a thicker foam than 2% for some reason
  • Have a trash can and a water source close by
  • Read the instructions in regards to how fast the espresso should flow
  • In the test here at Lavender Bean- Espresso Roast coffee bean had the best taste.  PS- about 10 different kinds of bean were tried in the going experiment for the most amazing cappuccino on Earth.

Of course all of the lessons learned are personal... So the moral of this blog post is to experiment your heart out.

 It is a pretty heavy duty machine and has made roughly 500-600 cups of coffee in about 15 months and has never had a problem.  There is a little maintenance to keep it in good working order but nothing time consuming or labor intensive.  The milk frothing wand has to be cleaned occasionally and the tray at the bottom has to be emptied and washed about weekly depending on use.  Other then that, wipe it down and say nice things to it and it will make you fabulous tasty coffee over and over.

Happy coffee drinking

From the Lavender Bean team and Coffee Kitten

Don't know who Coffee Kitten is...Head over to our Instagram account and take a peak at the OG Coffee Kitten  @Lavender_Bean_Tees 

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