Coffee Addicts R US

Let’s start our story with - Caffeine- the chemical, we are all addicted to in those lovely cups of coffee we drink on mass daily. 

Fun side note about caffeine- it has been used by plants as a natural insecticide and as a way to keep other plants from growing near it for long before the first human figured out the delightful chemical.

According to research, caffeine as discovered by the Chinese and Native Americans about the same time 5,000 years ago.  China in Tea and the Native American is a type of coffee bean.  After that, people discovered it their native plants and concocted various types of drinks or chews.  And…the 1st caffeine addicts were born.

The history of coffee:

The heritage of coffee grown around the world can be traced back to the ancient coffee forest in Ethiopia.  As legend has it, a goat herder, Kaldi, noticed when his goats ate berries off a certain tree they were so energetic they did not sleep at night.  Kaldi told the abbot of the local monastery, who decided to test it out and found it kept him awake for the long hours of evening prayer.

From there, word spread like caffeine through your veins in the morning.  To read more on the subject click here.  The link will take you to an article by the National Coffee Association.

How did we get to Starbuck culture we have today?

Coffee houses were around long before the Starbucks gang made a name for themselves out in Seattle.  Like about 500 years earlier.  Kiva Han, is the first place on public record to serve coffee, in 1475.  It was located in Constantinople (now Istanbul), Turkey.  Turkish coffee was strong, black and unfiltered. 

Thank you to the Viennese who took coffee to the next level in 1529 when the Turkish left bag of coffee when they fled Vienna after invading.  The coffee was claimed by Franz Georg Kolschitzky who opened the first coffee shop and 1. decided to filter it and 2. added cream and sugar. 

Coffee houses made there way to Britain - 1652 and American- 1792.

Up until 1946, Coffee Houses only sold regular coffee.  It was then that Gaggia invented the first safe and easy to use espresso maker.  This was the birth of the modern day coffee shop.

From here the founders of Starbucks and Tim Hortons, etc. took the world by storm.

Happy coffee drinking

From the Lavender Bean team and Coffee Kitten

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