Irish Coffee- Is it really Irish?

ūüćÄSt. Patricks day is closing in and the topic of coffee is forever in the hearts and minds of the Lavender Bean team. ¬†So Irish Coffee sprang to mind...Where did it come from? What makes it Irish? What does it taste like? Today, we are going to explore these questions, learn more about this iconic coffee and find out if it is really Irish?

It seems the original recipe was, in fact, invented by an Irish chef, Joe Sheridan, back in 1940's at the Foynes airport restaurant to keep the guest warm in the not so great weather in the west of Ireland.  As the story goes when an American passenger drank the new concoction he asked "Is this Brazilian Coffee?" the reply was apparently "No, that's Irish coffee" and thus the iconic coffee was born and named.  

From there, Irish coffee becomes an internationally super star.  An American gentlemen, Stanton Delaplan, a travel writer, tastes the drink likes it so much that once he returns to U.S he tells his friend Jack Koeppler, owner of the Buena Vista.  The two tried to recreate it...alas no luck (pun intended).  So, they offer Joe a job and Joe excepted.  The rest is iconic coffee history.

So what makes Irish Coffee Irish?

Well besides being invented by Joe, the nice Irish Chef, it has and I quote "A measure of Irish Whiskey" in it.  Depending on how you measure this one could become very interesting indeed.  Below is a how-to using the recipe and technique that the Buena Vista cafe still uses today.  



The ultimate Irish Coffee recipe according to The Irish Whiskey Museum.

So what does Irish Coffee taste like...The Lavender Bean Team was in favor. We found it to have a nice flavor (pick a good Irish whiskey) and the just slightly whipped cream makes a nice touch.  For personal taste, it may take a cup or 2 to get exactly the right ratio of sugar and whiskey.  

Happy coffee drinking!

From the Lavender Bean team and Coffee Kitten

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